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19 Nov 2010

Eating Natto 3: Natto Bean Soup

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The third of a series of many different ways to eat natto. This episode shows how to make soup with natto and instant creamy soup. A great way to keep warm during the winter months.

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18 Oct 2010

How to deal with stinkbugs

16 Oct 2010

Japan Talk #160

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* Gimmeabreakman talks about Japan Talk
* No new Japan Talk design yet
* Local annual fireworks display
* New video: How to kill stink bugs (kamemushi) without the stink
* Featured artist of the week: Remember September
* Kobe Meet Up, December 12

09 Oct 2010

Japan Talk #159

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* A day late, but here we are
* Few news stories today
* Voting system at JAPUNDIT fixed
* Please help out at JAPUNDIT and vote
* Eating Natto videos added to JAPUNDIT YouTube Channel
* Japan Talk intro on the JAPUNDIT YouTube Channel
* English Teachers online comedy series
* Japan Talk hits 500,000 downloads