Japan Talk #230

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Opening Monologue

  • Nic West – Featured Artist
  • Kelly Willis interview coming soon
  • Drumming my life away

Weekly News

  • Expert: Don’t sweat the radioactive beef
  • Fukushima teacher’s radiation warnings muzzled
  • J-Government moves to control Fukushima reports
  • <Seen as censorship by critics
  • Japan denies censorship
  • Public opinion control the norm in Japan
  • Ichihashi appeals sentence for Hawker murder
  • Consumers hoarding older rice
  • Japan resumes rice futures trading
  • Display of tattoos banned on Kobe public beach
  • Immigration allows wanted felons to slip out of Japan
  • Butcher of Norway cites Japan and South Korea as model countries
  • Temp worker bucks system, secures maternity leave
  • Woman sues state over remarriage restrictions
  • Mice stem cell sperm has potential as infertility treatment
  • Semen sushi trial

All by Nik West

  • Wait A Minute
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  • Black Beauty
  • Forbidden Fruit
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  1. Dimitri says:

    Interesting episode, as always.
    I was just wondering what you found weird about the stem cell research. Japan is far from being the only country doing such research, and the impact could be quite strong.

  2. Edward says:

    The weirdness is with the details of the research (mouse sperm).

  3. Dimitri says:

    Mice are often used as a proxy for human research. Another example is the study of environmental factors in gastric cancer.
    Mouse sperm is just one step towards human applications, and these would certainly have a fairly significant commercial value.

  4. Hokkaido is offering some rent free homes to the evacuees but then you got the government offering 500,000 yen in LOANS which is like pissing on their grave and then saying,”We won’t collect interest” lol. I think I just got the motivation I need to start ripping on the bozos they got running the show. Whew!! Calm down Stephen…

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