Japan Talk #223: In The Annex-30

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Theme Music
Digital Bliss – Project Van
“I am scanning all frequencies.” is from Scanning All Frequencies by Music Alley

  • What is future proofing
  • The dashboard
  • How To Remotely Access Windows Home Server 2011
  • Media Streaming in Winserve2
  • Silverlight
  • Homegroups in Windows 7
  • UPnP Universal Plug and Play
  • Setting up a Microsoft domain with winserve2
  • Build your router with PFsense
  • Backup a Mac on Winserve2
  • What is MBR
  • What is GUID
  • 2 terabyte limit in Winserve2
  • Three terabyte hard drives
  • mymovies for WHS 2011
  • Squeezebox software

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