Japan Talk #188

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Opening Monologue

Valentine Day In Japan Info

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J-Coast Guard sends bill to China skipper

Major car makers planning to skip Tokyo Auto Show

People power in Nagoya

Not everyone happy with populist politics in Japan

Whither Japan – Another Japan expert

Middle Song
Solin mun skina (The Sun Will Shine) – Rokkurro

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Suspected revenge killing turns out to be robbery gone bad

Minako Komukai – Wanted by police in drug investigation

Komukai – Traced to Manila

Hana To Hebi 3 Trailer
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Japanese love Glasgow accent

Japan hole digging contest

TOTO claims 30 million washlets sold

Ending Song
Hal’s Train SongDavid Silva

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  1. Projectvan says:

    wow alabama accent scored high on social attractiveness ! LOL

  2. Edward says:

    You liked that? Maybe I should do the whole show in a bama accent….. Nah…..

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