Facebook…. Is it safe?

Is it safe?

Everyone seems to be jumping onto the Facebook bandwagon these days, including plenty of people in Japan, but common sense and basic prudence dictate that the savvy web user had better think carefully before taking a leap that may prove to be disastrous.

In an article titled What you need to know about Facebook’s insecure security on the Datamation website, tech guru and founder of The Raw Feed Mike Elgan says that “Facebook security” may be an oxymoron.

According to Elgan:

The bottom [is] that if anyone wants to steal your information, pretend to be you, burglarize your house, stalk you, well – if you’re account is not properly protected – Facebook is one-stop shopping for all of that.

Facebook’s security measures fail to impress. They don’t solve the real problems and, in some cases, even create new risks.

And Elgan may be right.

Just the other day there was a report that Facebook is leaking sensitive personal information that its members assumed would be kept private, even when when members had deliberately set their privacy options to the maximum secrecy levels.

As one observer points out, “social” and “private” are opposites, so perhaps people should stop expecting privacy on a social website.

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