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18 Nov 2010

Marmot’s Hole likes Japan Talk

Robert Koehler, the man behind the amazing The Marmot’s Hole blog about all things Korean has written a very kind and flattering post about Japan Talk.

Robert has been a good friend of JAPUNDIT and Japan Talk from day 1, so if you have any interest in Korea, please be sure to pay The Marmot’s Hole a visit.

24 Oct 2010

Facebook…. Is it safe?

Is it safe?

Everyone seems to be jumping onto the Facebook bandwagon these days, including plenty of people in Japan, but common sense and basic prudence dictate that the savvy web user had better think carefully before taking a leap that may prove to be disastrous.

In an article titled What you need to know about Facebook’s insecure security on the Datamation website, tech guru and founder of The Raw Feed Mike Elgan says that “Facebook security” may be an oxymoron.