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27 Nov 2010

Japan Talk #166

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Opening Monologue
* In The Annex – New podcast on Japan Talk channel starting December 1, 2010.
* In The Annex – Building a computer based home media center
* Show Me Japan – Weekly photo meme by Budget Trouble
* XMAS In Japan – Musical Christmas Tree in TokyoJAPUNDIT Video Channel
* Meet us in Kobe on December 12!
* Intro made possible thanks to Discovery Sound

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North Korea attack hardly dents Japan parliamentary clownish antics

Super Girls cancel two concerts due to low attendance

Itochu aiming to make workers trilingual

Coast Guard video leaked to CNN one month before YouTube posting

Japan matches France in Michelin three-star eateries

Middle Song
My Best Friend’s GirlChad Hollister

Don’t drink and drive in Japan!

I am a cat burglar

Otaku matchmaking party overwhelmed by applicants

Streaming J-radio player at Friday Jams

GOPAN bread maker orders stopped

J-prisoners serving life terms hits post-war high

Ending Song
EverymanSubplot A

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* Discovery Sound
* Kobe Meet Up, December 12
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20 Nov 2010

Japan Talk #165

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Opening Monologue

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Woman charged with using abortion drug

9 critical errors a woman can make at a gokon party

French looking to ban sale of Beaujolais Nouveau in plastic bottles

Burger King Japan: Crazy Christmas special

Middle Song
The Proximity Of DeathJordan Reyne

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Panasonic to up overseas hires, cut domestic hires

Attack of the flaming cockroaches

J-teens confess to using YouTube techniques in crime spree

J-vending machine with face recognition

Seniors serious about pachinking

Ending Song
Something Going OnShelley & Cal

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19 Nov 2010

Eating Natto 3: Natto Bean Soup

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The third of a series of many different ways to eat natto. This episode shows how to make soup with natto and instant creamy soup. A great way to keep warm during the winter months.

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18 Nov 2010

Marmot’s Hole likes Japan Talk

Robert Koehler, the man behind the amazing The Marmot’s Hole blog about all things Korean has written a very kind and flattering post about Japan Talk.

Robert has been a good friend of JAPUNDIT and Japan Talk from day 1, so if you have any interest in Korea, please be sure to pay The Marmot’s Hole a visit.

14 Nov 2010

Japan Talk #164

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Opening Monologue

  • New theme song and opening
  • Thanks to Steven at Discovery Sound
  • Monetizing a website
  • Designers and hosts and the horrors of dealing with them
  • Bozos and idiots
  • Pligg and other social bookmarking systems
  • Users going rogue
  • Podcasting and YouTube more fun
  • Building is fun, maintaining is a drag
  • Spammers – the only ones with energy left on the web
  • Meet us in Kobe on December 12!

Japan Coastguard video leak follow up

Man streams suicide live on the Internet

Cop forgets loaded gun in restaurant toilet

Female rice lovers more likely to develop diabetes

J-reporter held in Myanmar thanked by political prisoners

Middle Song
Ue Wo Muite Arukou (Sukiyaki)Junco & Cheep

Man loses bag of contraband, arrested when he claims it

Tsukiji to ban visitors during year end tuna auctions

City of Phoenix looking for people to teach English in Himeji, Japan

Obama passes on Nobel Peace winner anti-nuke meet in Hiroshima

Seibu Railways starts maid train service

Ending Song
Sumeba Miyako (There’s No Place Like HomeJunco & Cheep

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07 Nov 2010

Japan Talk #163

06 Nov 2010

Great fun at the Utsunomiya gyoza matsuri

Had great fun today at the Utsunomiya gyoza matsuri.

Took a bunch of video which I plan to edit and put up on YouTube.

Just got back to Japundit Media Center, and will get started on the podcast.

Please stand by…..