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31 Jul 2010

Japan Talk #150

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* Plastic Soul Band taking a break
* Are there any other Japan podcasts left?

* Higurashi
* The gas man cometh
* Are gas checks done in your country? Let us know:

* Tokyo’s oldest man died 30 years ago!
* Hikikomori bedroom hermits: Japan national crisis?
* Hakuho scores historic three-peat

* JAL to slash 440 billion yen in operating costs
* Capital punishment debate
* Akihabara killer claims he had no choice
* Many U.S. students think Lexus is American brand
* J-cops shut down paper, stone, scissors net site

Music (Music Alley)
* Shirokumo Aosora (White Clouds, Blue Sky), by Plastic Soul Band
* EULA Dancing, by Tom Smith
* C.Q. Boogie, by Katie Webster

Links of Interest
* Plastic Soul Band website
* Hikikomori
* Higurashi
* Akihabara Massacre

* Japan Talk in the iTunes Store